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Antenna is on a mission to help leaders better lead remote teams.

Leadership is hard. A few years ago, we added another level of difficulty by going remote. Proper team engagement got harder. Employee attrition increased, performance went down and burn out went up. 


We want to help fix this and believe that improving leadership engagement is a great place to start. Later this year, we’re launching V1 of Antenna, which will help leaders better understand and improve how they are engaging with their teams.


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Launching Fall 2022!

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What does Antenna do?

Antenna plugs into your existing systems like Google Calendar and GMail and collects information about how often and when you meet or interact with your team and individual team members. We then analyze, consolidate and organize that data and provide you with a complete view of your behaviors as a manager. We don't collect the content and/or substance of those interactions, only when they occurred, for how long and who with.

How does this help me improve my management skills?


Antenna helps give you a 360° view of how you are managing your team. It allows you to make sure you hold team meetings with all team members present (so everyone is on the same page). It shows you if you've missed 1:1's or if you are not allocating your time properly amongst your team (for example, maybe you spend 75% of your time with one team member but neglect the others). The goal is to make you aware of your management behaviors and allow you to make adjustments to those behaviors.