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About Us

We want to help leaders better understand and improve how they engage with their teams.

Our Values

We have a huge passion for the world of leadership and a strong conviction that the way we train, assess and develop leaders is currently broken. Training often comes too late, is insufficient or not relevant. Assessments come in the form of review cycles, prone to recency bias and inconsistency from cycle to cycle. Coaching can be effective but can be expensive and is difficult to find a good match. Most leadership advice is very subjective and not specific to your needs, how you work and the culture you work in.


Recent events, most notably the move to remote work for many companies, is leading to a huge shift in how we think about leadership. In the short term, it has been a big challenge. Attrition has increased, performance has gone down and burn out is a big problem for both leaders and team members.


But in the long term, this shift has provided a huge opportunity to reevaluate how we approach leadership development and vastly improve its effectiveness, from both a performance and cost point of view. We now have access to more data about how leaders behave than we’ve ever had. We want to put this to use for leaders and help improve their performance in a real time, customized, culture consistent and cost effective manner. 

Everything we do is to deliver value to our primary customers, the leaders and managers that work with us everyday. 

We believe in the value of today. We get things done now. 

We believe in constant improvement. Whatever we provide to customers today we are committed to continually making better in the future. 

We believe in ownership. No matter our role, we take ownership over everything that we do.


We believe in our teammates and do everything we can to support their growth. 

Meet the Team

Hi, my name is Nick Turner and I'm the founder of Antenna. I'm building Antenna in large part to help solve my own problems with leadership, namely how we train, improve and assess leadership skills for ourselves, our teammates and our organizations. 

I've spent the last 18 years in various leadership roles, primarily in operations and revenue focused roles at tech startups, scaling anywhere from $0-$75MM and growing and leading teams from 2 to 100. It's one of the most fun (and challenging) environments I've ever been in. 

Outside of work, I'm married to Leanne and have two little boys, Conlin (4) and Jack (2). I'm a long distance runner/triathlete and have completed 50+ races. I love the outdoors. Most of my free time is spent running around with my kids, playing soccer and looking for the next best playground in Jersey, watching lots of cartoons and Disney+ with them. Occasionally I find moments to read, go on a run or spend time with friends!

Drop me a line if you want to chat!

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Nick Turner, Founder

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