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Antenna enables your team leaders like never before.
Improve team engagement, retention & performance.

Antenna Basics
Basic Enablement for your leaders: Antenna customized to your company culture and reactive to your leaders' requests.


  • AI Slackbot Customized to your Organization
  • Unlimited Requests from your Leaders
  • Unlimited Custom Content
  • Unlimited Access to Antenna's Content Library
  • Create, Edit, Deploy Content in Real Time 
  • Custom Training Recommendations
  • 48 Hour Response E-Mail Support
Antenna Co-Pilot
Personalized Enablement for your leaders: Hyper-personalized co-pilot for both reactive and proactive feedback. 


Antenna Basics, Plus:​
  • Opt In for Meta Data Integration: Calendar, Email & Slack
  • 25+ Metrics Analyzed
  • Proactive Co-Pilot Slackbot Personalized to Every Leader
  • Anonymized Organization Wide Metrics
  • 24 Hour Response Support
  • Initial Training & Consultation Session
Antenna Coach
Advanced Enablement for your leaders: Quantitative and qualitative feedback on leadership behaviors.


Antenna Co-Pilot, Plus:
  • Opt In for Content Integration: Email & Slack Messages, Call Data
  • Communication Coaching Module
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Initial Training​
  • Ongoing Monthly Reviews
  • 24 Hour Response Time Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What systems do you currently integrate with? 


We currently integrate with Google Workspace (Calendar and Gmail) and Slack. We’re considering how to prioritize others, with some obvious candidates being Zoom, Teams and Google Meet. But please give us a shout at and tell us which you think should be first to help us build a better roadmap!


How do you think about security?


We deal with sensitive data so security is very important for us. As part of our development, we worked with Google and their new initiative, the App Defense Alliance, to build a secure platform and received third party verification and a security certification in December 2022. We’ll re-verify every year and our current certification can be accessed here


In addition, data storage occurs on Google Cloud Platform, their security information, certified by SOC-2 and other means can be accessed here. We utilize Google Firebase for hosting and their security information can be accessed here, also certified by SOC-2 and other means.

What about data privacy? What kind of data do you access and who gets to see it?


Our platform is designed specifically to have read only access to information to which a user already has access. Anything a user sees on our platform comes from data they have already seen. Their own calendars, emails, etc. We give them insights into how they are engaging and how they can improve based on an analysis of that information.


We’ve designed it this way specifically so that a) it’s not possible for a company to track a specific employee using Antenna b) it’s not possible for one of our users to track their own team members.


In addition, we only access quantitative data. We don’t see or analyze any actual content from calendar invite agendas, emails or Slack conversations.

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