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  • Nick Turner

Antenna Beta Launch is Here!

I’m excited to announce that today we’re launching a (very) beta version of Antenna. I wanted to share more about the vision for Antenna and how we plan to develop the product further.

Our mission at Antenna is to help leaders better understand and improve how they engage with their team members. Put another way, we want to help leaders improve their people leadership skills.

This is a constant challenge, and one of the largest deciding factors for how a team member stays engaged and whether they stay in their role at all. Attrition rates are at their highest and engagement near its lowest.

When the pandemic hit and we all went remote, this was probably the hardest challenge that leaders have faced in a generation. You know it because many companies are now calling for a return to office. But they are also missing a huge opportunity. First, employees want to stay remote. If you want to retain top talent, you find a way to give them what they want. Second, because our communication became digital through systems like Slack and Zoom, leaders now have at their fingertips more information about how they lead than they’ve ever had before.

The hardest question isn’t technical. But it’s about:

1) What should we surface?

2) Who should see it?

The first problem I’m hoping our initial users will be willing to help us. We need your feedback on what you want to see. This version of Antenna is a simple demonstration of what’s possible. We integrate with Google Workspace and Slack and show you how much time and engagement you have with your team. It’s fully quantitative. But the possibilities are endless. Just ask what you want to see, and we'll try.

The second problem might be even more critical in creating a high functioning leadership culture. In 2021, one year after the pandemic hit, spending on employee tracking software rose by 66%. The same data we want to use to help teach was being used to track. A huge missed opportunity.

Our system has been built to be the exact opposite. It’s not possible for a company to track an individual leader via Antenna. It’s also not possible for an individual leader to use our system to track their own team. For our enterprise licenses, we treat this data similar to the way survey data is treated - fully anonymized unless a user allows otherwise. A company can understand their overall leadership culture which is very valuable - but they can’t see data on specific leaders.

We launch today with an individual license - both a free version (time spent metrics) and a paid version (time + engagement metrics) - as well as an enterprise license. We'll keep the free version forever, and continue to add features there, so that individuals who are trying to improve their leadership skills never have a barrier.

If you’re the least bit curious about having more information about how you lead your team, I hope you’ll try it out and provide me with feedback and help us build more useful features for you. Thank you in advance!

You can get started here:

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