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Update from Antenna: Say Hello to Ivy.

You may or may not know, but at the end of January, we launched a very basic version of Antenna. If you aren't familiar, we're on a mission to help leaders better understand and improve how they engage with their teams. We do this through analyzing your real behaviors with your team and delivering feedback directly to you.

In those six weeks, we've learned a lot from our first users and probably even more from those that have said in one way or another: no thanks. That's hard to hear. But it has given me a lot to reflect on regarding how best to help build better leaders.

Every piece of feedback was unique, but a lot of it fell under three main buckets:

  1. I need training or resources on how to handle soft skills situations like giving tough feedback. This is one of the most challenging problems to address, especially given how much nuance a situation can have. But if we can find a way to help deliver even basic advice at the moment it is needed, maybe it can be useful.

  2. I have no time for this. That's not to say they don't care about their team, but incentives are aligned towards short term outcomes (sales goals, project deadlines, product ship dates, etc.) vs. team engagement/retention and for most leaders, additional resources are very hard to come by. Setup for Antenna is super fast, but our dashboard is just another system to log into and more data to interpret.

  3. I need to understand why and which measurements are important. Ensuring alignment with how you lead to the overall company culture is critical for a leader and their organization.

This lack of incentive alignment, resources, time and measurement is why quit rates are at record highs and engagement is at record lows. So what do people do that have more resources than you to help them expand their reach?

Well, those people are called CEOs. And they hire Executive Coaches, Personal Assistants and Chiefs of Staff.

I want to help bring those resources to every day leaders. That's why I'm excited to introduce you to Ivy.

What is Ivy?

Ivy is our first attempt to answer all three of the main concerns we've heard to date about both the challenges a leader faces and feedback on what we're doing here at Antenna.

We're using an integration with OpenAI coupled with several other systems to build a smart, conversational AI leadership coach that can be customized to every individual leader at an organization, as well as customized to the organization's own culture and leadership best practices.

Ivy is integrated with Slack and can be used in both a group setting in a Slack channel, as well as privately if you need quick advice on a touchy subject.

This is Ivy 1.0. Out of the box, Ivy is a fairly smart leadership coach. On the left is a pretty basic question that can be handled, but this version can help with complex situations as well...

Every situation will have nuance, but if we can provide some guide posts and a framework from some of the most popular and common leadership advice in the moment that you need it, maybe we can make your outcomes a little bit better and help improve how you engage with your team.

Ivy will continue to get smarter as we train it on more and more materials and refine responses.

Today, we're making Ivy 1.0 available to everyone for free:

Now let's talk about the other version we are also releasing today, Ivy 2.0.

Ivy 2.0 for Leaders & Organizations

We think Ivy 2.0 will have a bigger impact on both leaders and companies alike through customization and enterprise level capabilities.

For leaders, Ivy 2.0 provides the following:

  • Includes Ivy 1.0

  • Antenna Data Analysis Integration

  • Calendar, Slack, Email

  • Customized to You

  • 15+ Metrics Analyzed

  • Weekly Proactive Feedback

  • Ad hoc Reactive Feedback

  • Meeting Agendas and Reminders

  • Summarization of team communications

  • And more!

For companies, Ivy 2.0 provides the following:

Most organizations have limited resources internally for leadership development. We believe Antenna & Ivy can help you scale significantly to impact every leader in your organization.

  • Includes Ivy 2.0 for all leaders

  • Customized Training Model on your culture and leadership best practices

  • Anonymized Dashboard to understand leadership behaviors at every level of the organization

  • Calendar, Slack, Email Integration

  • 15+ Metrics Analyzed

  • Org/Department/Role Focused Training Recommendations

  • And more!

This is our first "V2" for Antenna and very first release of Ivy. We think the combination of personalized metrics and generative AI has the potential to have a huge impact on how we develop and train leaders. We're excited to hear your feedback and any feature requests!

If you're interested in learning more or want to discuss getting Antenna for yourself or your organization, email me at or contact us below:

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