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Better understand and improve how you engage with your team.

Antenna gives you a 360° view on how you engage with your team and team members. Learn more about this first of its kind analysis about how you lead your team. 

  • Improve Team Collaboration & Alignment

  • Improve Individual Engagement & Retention

  • Automated Insights Specific to You and Your Team


How Does it Work?

Antenna wants to be the easiest way for leaders to get a quick pulse on how they are managing their teams and allow them to adapt accordingly. Here's how it works:

1) You provide read only access to your existing collaboration tools.

2) You provide a few details about your team.

3) Antenna analyzes recent history from your existing collaboration tools and provides you with a baseline of your management behaviors across various metrics. 

4) On an ongoing basis (currently weekly), we analyze the same metrics and provide analysis and insights on how you've changed your behavior.

That's it! Your commitment for setup is <5 minutes in the beginning, then we handle the rest. 

What's Included?

Currently in Beta, Antenna is providing a limited set of quantitative metrics to analyze, but we are currently evaluating 50+ metrics and more integrations. We will continue to add to our level of analysis and the depth of insights we can provide. 

As of now, this is what is included:

  • Integrations: Google Calendar, GMail, Slack

  • 90 Day Historical Analysis: Get a baseline of how you managed prior to observing your behaviors

  • Team Tenure: Averages & by Individual

  • Team Time Analysis: Weekly Data, Rolling 90 Day Averages on time spent with team​

  • Individual Time Analysis: Weekly Data, Rolling 90 Day Averages with a time category breakdown (1:1, Team, Internal, External)

  • Team Engagement Analysis: Includes Slack, Meeting & Email Data, Weekly & Rolling 90 Day Averages

  • Individual Engagement Analysis: Includes Slack, Meeting & Email Data, Weekly & Rolling 90 Day Averages

What About Security & Privacy?

Great question. As we were building Antenna we took great care regarding security and privacy of your data. Here is how we've approached this:


  • As part of our development, we completed a security review via the App Defense Alliance. We passed this review on December 21, 2022 and will complete a new review annually. Please review our certificate here

  • We only access quantitative data, which means we do not see, access or analyze content of messages. We only review the meta data to check for the sender/recipient, date & time, etc. 

  • Finally and maybe most importantly, this data is only surfaced to the person who has already seen it - the manager using our system. No other party has access. We do not believe in the various tracking systems used by companies to keep track of their employees. 

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